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Pakistan nails down India on diplomatic front too, says Ambassador Masood Khalid

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  • Says India fails to come up with any evidence of Pakistani hand in Pulwama Attack

Beijing, China: Ambassador of Pakistan to China, Masood Khalid has said that India is facing defeat in policy after Pulwama attack and it has shown failure in intelligence gathering. The dossier sent to Pakistan only carries 22 names of individuals they alleged for being involved in Pulwama attack but no concrete evidence has been produced before Pakistan so far.

He expressed his views in an opening ceremony held at the embassy of Islamic Republic of Pakistan in Beijing, China. The ceremony was attended by more than 400 international students of different universities and departments.
Masood said that Pakistan has released a pilot of Indian Air force as sheer goodwill gesture and the world community has appreciated our step towards peace in region and to de-escalate tensions which could lead to a nuclear flashpoint.
‘India and Pakistan are both nuclear powers and important countries of the region. Any confrontation may get out of hands anytime, ” he said.
He urged India to de-escalate tensions, sit for dialogue and resolve Kashmir issue as per United Nations Security Council (UNSC) resolutions. 
He praised that Chinese government is giving more scholarships to Pakistani students.
“China gives job opportunities to Pakistani students in Chinese companies around the world. 75 thousand jobs are merely produced for Pakistan youth in the CPEC. China has also started imparting skill-development programs in different universities and institutions in China,” he added. 
The envoy said China has become world’s biggest investor in Pakistan and it has pledged to invest $46 billion in CPEC project.
“Early harvest projects worth 19.8 billion US dollars have been completed and others are in a row. The CPEC has entered in second phase and opened nine economic zones in Pakistan. There are 25,000 students studying in different programs in China’s different provinces,” he added.
It is important to mention here that about 7,034 students are pursuing their studies on Chinese scholarships in China. 6,156 students are doing PHD programs, while 3,600 are enrolled in master’s degree, 11,100 in bachelor’s and 3,000 in short-term trainings and programs.
There are 6,000 students doing engineering in different universities of China, 7,000 in medical, 1,900 in science subjects, 2,200 in Chinese language and some students in different subjects like Bachelor in Business Administration (BBA), Information Technology (IT) and Trade Economy.
It is also pertinent to mention here that most of the students of postgraduate programs are on scholarships – often win best international student awards.
However, undergraduate students are mostly self-financed.
Pakistan singed education cooperation agreement with China under the flagship project of China Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC).
In 2013 alone, 9,630 students have been studied in China. 1,069 students were on scholarships then.
Currently China became a hub for international students as 25,000 students of Pakistan alone are studying in China. The number of international students from other countries are also increasing everyday.
Mr Masood added in his speech that Pakistan and China are Iron brothers. Pakistan is promoting Chinese culture by arranging different types of activities in universities and hotels of Pakistan. Pakistan has signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with China on cultural exchange programs. Pakistan is also promoting Urdu language in China. Many universities have been started teaching Urdu language and have  established special centers in different prestigious universities across China. Both countries promote tourism and arrange different trips and tours for officials and students too.