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COAS Munir cautions youth on dangers of social media

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ISLAMABAD: Chief of the Army Staff General Asim Munir cautioned the youth on Wednesday against content on social media, saying one of the objectives of “propaganda” on it was to “spread negativity and chaos in society”.

Speaking at the Pakistan National Youth Conference in Islamabad, the army chief urged the attendees to corroborate and confirm content on social media as he expressed confidence in the upcoming generation. 

He assured the attendees that the armed forces of Pakistan were always ready to face any threat and conspiracy against the country and emphasised that if we, as the people, exist as Pakistan is our identity and we would be ‘nothing’ without the country. 

The army chief added that the country will never compromise on its sovereignty and he has full faith in Pakistan’s bright future.

Referring to the youth as guardians of the country’s bright traditions, the army chief said maintained that though the army can fight against terrorists, the cooperation of the entire nation is necessary in the fight. 

General Munir also urged the youth to have confidence in the country, its culture, civilization and in themselves, adding that they should be confident that they are the offspring of a great homeland and nation. 

The army chief said the country is blessed with abundant mineral resources, agriculture and a demographic youth bulge.

Earlier in December, the army chief warned that rumours and fake news were being spread on social media about Pakistan to give the impression that the state was losing its existence in order to create an atmosphere of frustration and chaos in the country.

Addressing the National Farmers’ Convention, Gen Asim said that there were only two states established in the name of Kalima, the holy state of Madina and the state of Pakistan. He assured that all types of mafias would be crushed with the support of the nation.

Gen Asim emphasised that the farmers were the backbone of the country’s agriculture sector. “It’s your untiring hard work, toil and determination that play a pivotal role in ensuring food security for millions of Pakistanis. You make us and the entire nation proud,” he added.

The army chief stated that the dividends of all initiatives by the SIFC would help Pakistan come out of the economic crisis. “United, we as a resilient nation will lead Pakistan towards a progressive and prosperous future, InshaAllah”, he added.