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PTI delays intra-party elections

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ISLAMABAD: A day after the Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) announced the schedule for fresh inter-party polls, the party postponed the intra-party elections on Friday until after February 8.

The party will release a revised schedule after the conclusion of the general elections. It’s worth noting that the schedule released yesterday, by Federal Election Commissioner PTI Raoof Hassan, set the date for February 5.

The party cited the commitments of members in their respective constituencies and PTI venues being “unlawfully blocked by the administration” as reasons for the delay. A day earlier, PTI had formally unveiled the official timetable for its intra-party elections, which were scheduled to be held three days ahead of the general elections.

In an official statement issued on Thursday, the PTI Federal Election Commission expressed its satisfaction in disclosing the election schedule for the intra-party elections of PTI, designed to elect the chairman, central, and provincial organisations.

As per the PTI announcement, individuals who have been party members up to Jan 31 shall be entitled to cast their votes for their favoured panel or chairman candidate at specified locations throughout Pakistan. Additionally, the party members can exercise their voting rights through the ‘Raabta Application Intra-Party Election Module’.

The comprehensive details concerning all participating panels in the intra-party election, as well as the intricate election procedure, are elucidated in the Election Rules, 2020.

These rules will be made accessible on the party’s official website and the Raabta application.

The polling period was scheduled to commence at 10am and conclude at 4pm. The specific election venues and the appellate tribunal’s date will be disclosed before the intra-party elections.

The PTI also announced that nomination papers for prospective candidates can be obtained from the PTI Central Secretariat or the official website between Feb 1 and 2, 2024. Candidates have the option to submit their nomination papers physically at central and provincial secretariats or digitally via email.

The official proclamation of the intra-party election results was earmarked for Tuesday, Feb 6, 2024.