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Asia-Pacific region needs no military bloc: Chinese Foreign Ministry

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BEIJING: The Asia-Pacific region needs neither a military bloc nor a “small circle” that provokes confrontation between camps and incites a new Cold War, said a spokesperson for the Chinese Foreign Ministry on Monday.

Lin Jian made the comments in response to a defense pact signed earlier Monday between Japan and the Philippines that allows the deployment of one’s military forces on the other’s territory.

Exchanges and cooperation between two countries should not jeopardize mutual understanding and trust among countries in the region, should not undermine regional peace and stability, and should not target or harm the interests of a third party, Lin said.

Any act that jeopardizes regional peace and stability and undermines regional unity and cooperation will invite alarm and opposition from the people in the region, he added.

The spokesperson noted that during World War II, Japan had a history of aggression and colonial rule over Southeast Asian countries, including the Philippines where war crimes were committed.

Japan should seriously reflect on its history of aggression and be prudent in its words and actions when it comes to security, he said.