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Former Governor of Sindh Mohammad Zubair officially resigns from PML-N

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ISLAMABAD: Former governor Sindh Mohammad Zubair on Sunday formally parted ways with the PML-N, saying that the “differences were too vast” to bridge.

Speaking to ARY News, Zubair was asked about his reasons for leaving the party. “I had made the decision a while ago. Obviously, when the party’s stance changed, it was better to part ways,” he said.

Zubair said that ever since the PML-N had begun “power politics” and remained “insistent on remaining in power”, it became “difficult to go along with them”.

“I had made it clear. I had made it clear some time ago,” he said.

Asked whether PML-N President Nawaz Sharif or any other senior party leader tried to stop him, Zubair said: “In my opinion, the differences were too vast — whether it may be the vote of no confidence [against ex-PM Imran Khan], the previous sixteen-month government’s performance or the [general] elections.”

Zubair further said that he had not decided about joining another political party in the future. “I have not decided. It is possible that you would hear about it in the next few days,” he said.

When asked about ex-premier Shahid Khaqan Abbasi’s decision to form a political party, Zubair said: “Yes, he has decided to make a new party but I have not decided yet.”

Speaking separately to Geo News, Zubair said he was 100 per cent supportive of the PML-N when it was doing politics that was about the people.

“The ‘vote ko izzat do’ slogan was a very powerful one. It meant that we depend on the people and we will get the government with the people’s power,” he said.

Referring to the vote of no-confidence against PTI’s Imran Khan, he said that the party abandoned its politics and became insistent on coming into power via any which way.

He further said that it was “clear how many seats the PML-N won” in the February 8 elections.

He was sworn in as the 32nd Governor of Sindh in February, 2017.

Zubair, who was chairman of the Privatisation Commission before being appointed to the governor’s post, is the brother of former PTI leader Asad Umar.

Prior to serving as the Privatisation Commission chairman, Zubair was the chairman of the Board of Investment from July to December 2013.