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PML-N bolsters party structure for upcoming polls

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LAHORE: The Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz (PML-N) has intensified its election groundwork nationwide, opting to entrust election campaigning responsibilities to the youth and minority communities, as announced by the party’s leadership.

PML-N Senior Vice President and Chief Organiser Maryam Nawaz has directed the Muslim Students Federation (MSF) and Minority Wing of her party to intensify the campaign nationwide for the upcoming general elections scheduled for Feb 8 next year.

The PML-N leader was chairing an important meeting in Lahore that brought together representatives and workers of the MSF and the Minority Wing.

The huddle carefully reviewed the performance of both entities, with Maryam expressing her satisfaction with their endeavours.

The participants of the meeting while echoing the PML-N chief organiser’s sentiments, underscored the imperative of active youth and minority participation in the next general elections. They reached a unanimous decision to escalate the poll campaigns countrywide.

The meeting’s agenda extended to mobilising the youth across all four provinces, Gilgit-Baltistan, and Azad Jammu and Kashmir, with a collective commitment to progressively enhance their role and that of the minorities in the political landscape.

Maryam emphasised the pivotal role of youth, labelling them as the country’s capital, asserting that their progress was synonymous with the nation’s advancement.

The MSF platform, she announced, would serve as a launching pad for the youth from every corner of the country to actively engage in practical politics.

Expressing hope for a transformative era in 2024, Maryam envisioned progress and development for the country under the leadership of PML-N supremo Nawaz Sharif and anticipated a “rapid pace of economic development” in the coming year.

Nawaz, in his vision for the general elections, aims to establish youth wings in political activities, recognising the youth as the leaders of the future, she said.

Maryam highlighted the importance of minorities’ active participation in election campaigns, emphasising that it would strengthen democratic culture.

PML-N Central Information Secretary Marriyum Aurangzeb underscored the party’s commitment to address Pakistan’s challenges through an upcoming comprehensive election manifesto.

She emphasised that this manifesto, drawing insights from diverse segments and experts, is nearing its finalisation.

Marriyum emphasised that the PML-N, in line with the party’s tradition and history, would not merely make promises but present a comprehensive plan to attain development goals.

The PML-N had consistently delivered on its promises in the past and is committed to doing so once again, she said, adding the party’s government aimed to bring continued ease in people’s lives.
Marriyum said that adhering to its tradition, the party was prioritising economic recovery, self-reliance, and alleviating people from inflation.

She highlighted that recommendations were being put forth regarding the supremacy of the Constitution, reforms for the rule of law, enhancements in administrative affairs, and the promotion of good governance.

The foremost objective of her party is to guarantee citizens’ rights by initiating reforms in the justice system, aiming for accessible and swift justice.

Promoting foreign relations, establishing peace, and strengthening national defence are among the important points of the manifesto, she highlighted.

Proposals were being finalised to make bureaucracy, civil services, and government affairs transparent, efficient, and easy, she added.

Marriyum mentioned that the manifesto would incorporate proposals on fuel, resolutions to transportation issues, and equitable distribution of resources between the federation and provinces.

The manifesto will encompass policy directives for advancing media, film, TV, history, literature, culture, and tourism. Additionally, it will address critical issues such as climate change, population control, as well as health and food security.

Marriyum stated that the manifesto would feature prompt, implementable proposals for youth education, scholarships, laptop provision, skill development and employment.

It would also incorporate robust policies for safeguarding the economic and social rights of farmers, labourers, workers, weaker sections and minorities, she added.

Marriyum mentioned that the manifesto would encompass initiatives for sports promotion, the creation of new playgrounds and sports complexes, and specific measures for special persons.

Additionally, the manifesto will outline policy measures to safeguard and advance the rights of women and children.

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