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PTI rejects labelling criticism as ‘digital terror’

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ISLAMABAD: A day after the corps commanders’ conference, the PTI on Saturday said that labelling free speech as “digital terrorism” would be detrimental to both the country and institutions.

A PTI spokesperson feared that attempts to criminalise freedom of speech would “open the door to use extra-legal measures against critics”.

The spokesperson called upon the institutions to be receptive to criticism from people and political parties as it is “indispensable” to get the country out of crises.

The party hailed the army’s commitment to finding lasting and durable solutions to pressing challenges while staying within its constitutional limits.

The spokesperson reaffirmed that the entire nation was united to combat terrorism effectively, but it was essential to align the priorities of law enforcement agencies with this core objective.

The PTI spokesperson made it clear that no army in the world could succeed against any challenge without the support of nation. State institutions could only achieve success by respecting the will of people and the Consti­tution, the PTI said.